Warranty Policy

Our Promise

100% Peace of Mind with Our Lifetime Limited Warranty.  We designed and offer Our Lifetime Limited Warranty to stand behind it and not hide from it.  If any of our products prove to be defective or simply fail you, we will promptly either attempt to repair the product or we will replace the product with a comparable version of the product. If for some reason, there is not a comparable product, we will offer a full credit towards a product of the purchaser’s choosing.  It’s that Simple.  Your Satisfaction and Our Reputation Matter to Us.

DEG Lifetime Warranty Covers

Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects in your Down East Gear for the life of the product so long as the products has not been used for anything other than its intended purpose. Our warranty does not mean our products will last the life span of the original purchaser. While our products are built using premium materials and advanced construction techniques, no products are indestructible and will show wear over time. Proper care and cleaning of your Down East Gear products will significantly extend the usable life of the products. We reserve all rights to determine whether a defect does in fact exist.

Who is Covered Under the DEG Warranty

Our warranty covers the original purchaser’s product. The warranty is not transferrable, and proof of purchase will be required.

What DEG Will Not Cover

Expected Wear and Tear Associated with Intended Use Over Time.

Intentional Damage, Abuse or Misuse.

Punctures, Cuts, Snags, or Burns.

Use of Product in a Manner Unbefitting of Its Intended Use.

Stains or Discoloration.

What to Do Should You Have a Warranty Claim

Should you feel that your product has a manufacturing defect, please email service@downeastgear.com. Include proof of purchase, photos of the defective areas or parts and a detailed explanation of the issue.   We will promptly reply and assist you with your repair or replacement.