Our Purpose

Inspired by Tradition | Motivated by Technology™

Built To Hunt. Built to fish. Built Right.

The Down East Gear® Concept originated from the tradition and heritage of hunting waterfowl, whitetail deer, and turkey and fishing in eastern North Carolina. However, the Concept quickly expanded as we explored the needs of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts initially in the Southeast and then more expansively from the East Coast to Midwest, all of which share similar environments and game pursuits. We identified a critical need for professional grade products that are designed and built with extreme durability and functionality.

Founded in 2019, Down East Gear is owned and operated by Ward Martin and Will Martin, two brothers who bring a diverse and complementary set of skills, knowledge and real world experience to the development and construction of each product Down East Gear brings to market.  Ward and Will lead all facets of Down East Gear guided by three (3) core principles.

1. Quality, Durability First; Profit Second.

2. Cut No Corners to Build the Highest Quality and Most Effective Products for the Game We Pursue and the Environments We Hunt.

3. Provide Best in Class Customer Service and Support to Each of Our Valued Customers.

Quality, Durability First, Profit Second.

While all gear will wear overtime, our goal is to develop products to bring to market that are designed and built to hunt hard: day after day, season after season. We painstakingly analyze every stitch, component, material and feature of each product, and take pride in advancing the quality and durability of hunting and fishing products.

Hunt After Hunt. Fish after fish. Season After Season.

At Down East Gear, our product development and build philosophy is simple: cut no corners and build the highest quality and most effective products possible for the game we pursue and the environments we hunt. To validate our assumptions and ideas, we have partnered with seasoned military operators, professional guides and accomplished dog trainers, and we can confidently state that if we won’t hunt or fish with it, we won’t sell it and we won’t promote it. We are beyond fortunate to work in such a great industry with peer companies that share our same vision and goals. In that vein, part of our mission is to highlight and promote the quality brands that we use on our hunts beyond our own products.

Focused on customer Relationships. Not transactions.

At Down East Gear, we pursue meaningful, lasting customer relationships, not transactions; and are committed to providing best in class customer service and support to each of our valued customers.  

We believe in prompt, professional communication.  We believe in full accountability.  We believe in 100% customer satisfaction.   We’re fanatical about this.  It’s personal.  Give us a shot.  Experience the difference.

Down East Gear. A Different Perspective.

A big part of our mission and what we do as a Company has nothing to do with our own products. We are motivated by technology and how we apply that technology to the heritage of hunting, fishing and recreational shooting. Profit is truly second or possibly a distant third. If we’re investing what we do in other products and more importantly the testing of those products for the betterment of our followers and customers, rest assured Down East Gear technical products won’t disappoint.

Built to Hunt. Built to fish. Built Right.